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Baulogic works with you to design a smart home automation solution that uncovers the potential of your building.

Professional Partners

We can work with you to help your clients create greener, more efficient buildings. We also develop training and resources to share knowledge and raise awareness about the capabilities of smart controls in buildings.


As an architect, you understand the importance of helping your clients create connected, environmentally-conscious homes. That’s why we developed our monitoring and control platform which connects throughout the property, gathering data insights and optimising energy efficiency.

With Baulogic your clients can detect energy efficiencies, make automatic adjustments and facilitate better decision-making around energy consumption.  All this while also offering a transformational smart home lifestyle where your clients are effortlessly in control and always connected to their home.

Baulogic provides simple yet complete control of heating, lighting, blinds, energy management, security, door and gate access, all within one unified smart home system.  It is manufactured and programmed off-site and is easily installed within the build process by any qualified electrical contractor.


As an electrician, you understand how important it is to offer your clients connected, environmentally-conscious buildings. You probably also understand some of the challenges and complexities of installing smart technologies.  That’s why we developed Baulogic. Our simple and unified smart control system is easy to install and does not require specialist installers.

With Baulogic, your clients can control heating, lighting, blinds, energy management, security, door and gate access.  With the data insights that Baulogic sensors collect, your clients can report on energy performance and facilitate better decision-making around energy consumption.

Baulogic is manufactured and programmed off-site and is easily installed by any qualified electrical contractor at a time that suits the build plan.

Smart home solutions for architects, electricians, and estate managers.

Estate Managers

As an estate manager, you need to be able to trust your buildings are performing as efficiently as possible, whether that is an individual dwelling, apartment block or estate. That’s why we offer a bespoke range of products and software to help you manage your properties.

Our monitoring and control platform provides real-time data, enabling you to understand and control how your space is being used.  This insight helps you understand trends, make adjustments and report back on environmental, financial and safety performance.

Our software simply unlocks the DNA of buildings and provides you with the controls to make it more efficient, responsive and sustainable.