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Case study: Mayfair apartment

October 24, 2023

Location: Mayfair, London

Property type: 2 bedroom apartment

Client: Private developer

Completion date: June 2023

As part of a major refurbishment in Mayfair, Baulogic provided complete control across the whole luxury apartment.
This project required the control of lighting, heating, cooling, blinds and security, which, when controlled in combination, ensures a seamless and simple user experience.

The tenants have complete control of the apartment’s essential home functions via a touch screen as well as mobile app and Alexa voice controls. With smart events programmed into the system energy savings are automatically maximised, extra layers of security available and the tenants can return home to a warm and bright home.

In addition to the smart home lifestyle for resident tenants, the system also provides full control of the apartment when unoccupied.
With the aim of looking tidy and attractive in the plant room, the system arrived on site in a stylish sealed panel with recognised push-fit plugs for all connections to aid simple installation by our client’s electrician.  Baulogic uniquely features a backplate installed at first fix to reserve space in the plant room and a target for first fix wiring. The system was delivered pre-configured allowing the electrician to install, test and handover a complete home automation package in a matter of hours.

Installed modules:  
– Dimmable and switched lighting
– Air source heat pump control for heating and cooling output
– Advanced multi-zone underfloor heating
– Dedicated towel rail circuit with scheduled and boosted control
– Motion sensors for both convenience and security
– Blinds & rooflight control
– Door access