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Creating connected, environmentally-conscious buildings

Baulogic: Shaping the future of smart solutions in our workspace.


Using smart technology can revolutionise the way you design and manage spaces, helping landlords achieve better yields and create more sustainable spaces.

The implementation of sensors, which feed into our real-time monitoring and control platform, enable you to understand and optimise your energy usage, and provide you with the controls to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Access to this data allows you to optimise your building’s performance, while creating desirable and sustainable work places.

Seamless smart home solutions for commercial operations.


Our smart tech solutions optimise your retail asset’s performance whether that is an independent shop, chain of supermarkets, farmers market, restaurant, pub or shopping centre. By digitalising your space, you can make it more efficient, adaptive, responsive and sustainable.

Our simple-to-use monitoring and control platform provides data insights into customer behaviour and experience, from accurate footfall calculations to unit vacancies, from space utilisation to energy monitoring.

Our platform can help you scale-up, size-down or simply run more efficiently day-to-day, saving you time and money.

A hotel room highlighting how Baulogic empowers hotels with operational efficiency insights and smart tech solutions.


Understanding consumer behaviour is key, from occupancy rates, peak seasons, amenity usage to energy performance.

Our monitoring and control platform provides insights into the operational efficiencies of your hotel. We monitor and report on air quality, leak detection, cleaning regimes, security controls and visitor information.

Our smart tech solutions also assist with design considerations, including accessibility and cognitive requirements.