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Our Story

Our co-founders started with a conviction that all homeowners and building operators could be effortlessly connected and environmentally-consciously controlling homes and buildings to maximise energy efficiencies and performance.

Smart home control interface on Baulogic touchscreen, highlighting its versatility in managing blinds, AC, lighting, security, and more.

Ten years ago, Baulogic began life as a British technology company specialising in the design, integration, maintenance and support of bespoke smart home technology into higher end residential and commercial projects across the UK.

The company foresaw the complexities of installing smart home technologies into larger scale developments while at the same time appreciated the urgent requirement to maximise energy efficiencies and increase the performance and value of real estate assets.

Easy control with Baulogic's smart home touch screen.

These experiences, alongside our co-founders’ extensive careers in property development and estate management, were the catalyst to launch B1 – a simple, unified smart home solution that unlocks the DNA of buildings and future-proofs homes as all buildings become smart.

It is a solution that is produced and programmed off-site and easily installed within the build process by any qualified electrical contractor. It saves time, cost and complexity and makes smart home technology accessible to all.

The success of this launch shaped Baulogic into the company it is today.

Our Values

  • Planet-conscious innovation

  • Strive for simplicity

  • Positive energy in all we do

Our People

Baulogic today – unleashing the power of data

With the ever-increasing complexity of buildings and the growing consumer demand to understand building efficiencies and performance, Baulogic saw the opportunity to bring to market a simplified yet powerful building data and control platform.

Built on KNX technology, the global standard for building and home automation, Baulogic can combine its smart home controls with building data optimisation, empowering owners, developers, investors and managers to build and operate connected, environmentally-conscious buildings. Our technology provides data insights to enable people to live more sustainably and with complete control of their essential home functions.

Today we are working alongside developers, operators, specifiers, estate management companies and homeowners as well as architects, M&E professionals and selfbuilders to create a new generation of greener, more efficient homes.

Baulogic and its growing team is based across the Midlands/Cambridge/London.