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Residential smart home solutions. Creating connected, environmentally-conscious developments.


Creating connected, environmentally-conscious developments

Smart home automation for build to rent single-family and multi-family housing.

Build to Rent

Single-family housing / multi-family housing (SFH/MFH) 

We support funds, developers, institutions and managers by delivering a bespoke range of products and software. From early-stage design, installation and institutional reporting we are able to optimise your buildings’ performance through our monitoring and control platform. Our focus is to support the creation of greener, more efficient homes.

As a property professional operating in the BTR space, you need to be able to trust your buildings are performing as efficiently as possible. That’s why we are here to support you with a comprehensive range of smart technologies that collect live data from your buildings, present your data on easy-to-read dashboards and engage your communities with our resident app. Providing real, tangible, and contextualised information that allows you and your residents to take action and move towards the decarbonisation of your real estate.

Enjoying seamless smart living in Baulogic homes.


Our smart software optimises an asset’s performance whether that is an individual dwelling, apartment block or estate. By digitalising your space, you have the controls to make it more efficient, responsive and sustainable.

Our monitoring and control platform enables you to understand and control how your space is being used by displaying real-time occupancy data. From people flow, vacancies, occupancy patterns, life safety and management alerts to energy consumption and trends. This data insight enables you to understand your building and make adjustments to meet environmental, financial and safety performance.

Baulogic's smart home technology helping developers and housebuilders gain a better understanding of their home for smarter more eco-friendly living.

Developers & Housebuilders

As a developer or housebuilder, you know the importance of creating connected, efficient and sustainable buildings. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of software solutions to support your projects. Our software unlocks the DNA of buildings by providing data insights about energy performance, allowing you to map the location and status of critical equipment, understand the usage and operation of amenity spaces and control individual apartments.

We also provide early-stage RIBA design and software solutions, so you can make sure your buildings have the right blend of smart home technology and operational efficiency. Our technology enables people to live more sustainably and enjoy a transformational energy efficient lifestyle with complete control of essential home functions such as heating, lighting, energy management, blinds, security, door and gate access.

Baulogic: Enhancing home life with ease.


Our platform provides secure and accurate data at your fingertips, including information about your building, people, safety, maintenance and more.

By displaying real-time occupancy data, you can understand and control how your space is being used. From people flow, life safety and management alerts to energy consumption and trends, these insights enable you to understand how your building is being used, make adjustments to meet ESG, H&S requirements and improve your asset’s ROI.

Later Living

With Baulogic home control system you can provide an enhanced and independent living experience for older people. Whether residents are in their armchair, in the kitchen or in bed, the home can be simply controlled from anywhere – either by voice, tapping on the app or from a touch screen.

It is a flexible, customisable system that will adapt with residents through their lives as their needs change, offering peace of mind and greater independence. We offer senior living residents greater accessibility in their homes and community, while also being able to provide discreet alert systems to ensure they have ready access to help when needed.

Residents will be able to live an energy-efficient lifestyle, supporting their goals to live more sustainably and cost effectively.