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Energy & data management

We provide a simple monitoring and control platform for buildings. We report data insights on energy performance and provide smart controls to all essential building functions to maximise energy efficiencies. We can help you stay connected to your properties and improve the operational performance and value of your real estate assets.

Smart control interface optimizing energy usage.

Tailored reports

Our easy-to-use dashboards provide real-time data on energy usage, as well as reporting on trends over time. We can customise our monitoring and reporting to suit your individual requirements, helping you meet your energy and sustainability objectives.

Environmental performance

Our platform not only visualises real-time data insights, it also has the analytics architecture to detect energy inefficiencies, generate alerts, make automatic adjustments and facilitate proactive decision-making. We ensure your building is smarter, safer and more sustainable.

Intuitive smart home control touch screen in action.

Smart controls

We provide the smart controls to optimise the use of green energy sources, maximise energy efficiencies and reduce wastage in your property.

Baulogic energy optimisation

We connect, monitor and select a wide range of energy sources matching demand against energy costs of variable dynamic tariffs and diverting locally generated energy to batteries and hot water.

Use smart events to maximise efficiencies day-to-day.

Smart events

Smart events enable custom decisions which maximise efficiencies day-to-day. Because Baulogic controls the whole home (heating, lighting, blinds, sensors etc) the advanced controls work together for greatest effect.