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Working with Baulogic to achieve a high-performance family home

February 6, 2024

We are delighted to be working with Charlie Mills, Managing Director of Oakwrights – a multi award-winning company specialising in the architectural design and construction of oak frame houses, extensions and outbuildings.  

Charlie and his wife are currently embarking on their own second self-build home which is set to include Baulogic home control for their heating, cooling, lighting as well as door and gate entry system. Their choice to work with Baulogic reflects their passion for creating high-performance homes. Read Charlie’s blog below about his passive ethos vision and why Baulogic makes the ideal partner to bring his vision to life. 

At Oakwrights our mission is to build beautiful, high-performance homes. These homes go beyond the conventional definition of sustainability, focusing not only on eco-friendly materials but also the overall performance of the living environment.

At the forefront of this is a commitment to reduce running costs, minimise environmental impact, and enhance the overall quality of life for occupants. Not surprisingly, this is what we are aiming to achieve in our next self-build project, which will be our family home.

The foundation of high-performance homes lies in embracing the passive ethos. Unlike traditional approaches that rely heavily on energy-intensive solutions, the passive ethos prioritises energy efficiency through intelligent design and strategic use of materials. The emphasis is on creating an airtight building envelope that minimises heat loss and maximises energy conservation.

For my own build, this involves utilising a well-insulated panel system and Aerobarrier – the industry’s only plug-and-play airsealing system – for guaranteed airtightness. This is also alongside triple-glazed windows which we have incorporated into the design. These components will collectively ensure a high-performance envelope that sets the stage for an energy-efficient home.

To achieve optimal performance, controlling the indoor environment is paramount. We are opting for a sophisticated ventilation, heating and cooling system. This system works to maintain a comfortable and healthy living space while minimising energy consumption.

Striking the right balance between insulation, ventilation, and temperature control is key to achieving the desired performance outcomes and this can be tricky to achieve – but this is where Baulogic comes in.

Baulogic is a game-changer in the home automation market and it is set apart by its simplicity and effortless ability to provide an unparalleled level of control. Central to our mission is the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies that control the home environment simple, often running invisibly behind the scenes. Baulogic can improve the homeowners experience while also reducing bills and making the home more efficient.

One standout feature of Baulogic is its compatibility with renewable heating sources, aligning perfectly with our commitment to sustainable living. By seamlessly integrating with renewable energy systems, Baulogic ensures that the home remains environmentally friendly throughout its lifecycle.

Baulogic is not limited to just climate control – it also controls the lighting too, often in combination with the climate control for greater effect. The ability to control lighting through the same interface further simplifies the user experience. Imagine a home where a single touch can adjust the temperature, modify the lighting ambience and manage energy consumption – this is the future of high-performance living and Baulogic is making it happen.

As we look towards the future, the collaboration between sustainable building practices and innovative home control solutions will continue to redefine the possibilities of high-performance living. Baulogic stands as a testament to this vision, paving the way for homes that are not only sustainable but also smart and efficient.