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Residential smart home solutions. Creating connected, environmentally-conscious developments.

Bring your innovation show house to life with Baulogic

We invite you to take part in a groundbreaking opportunity to trial integrated Baulogic smart home control in your innovation space or home. We are working with key, forward-thinking developers nationwide who want to trial our smart home technologies.  

We can provide an opportunity to showcase transformative energy-conscious smart home living to your customers, while demonstrating how Baulogic home automation brings together complete home control, security and energy management. This can easily be in conjunction with trials of other new technologies, such as air-source heating, solar photovoltaic panels or house batteries which may not form part of your current specification.
Every new home will soon be smart. The convenience, security and energy efficiencies that Baulogic smart homes afford is a lifestyle that is now widely expected. We can help make your developments stand out and be ready for the future.
  • Baulogic home control

    All essential functions controlled by one simple unified wired system controlling lighting, heating, security, access, shades and energy management

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  • Always connected, effortlessly in control

    Provide your home buyers with a smart home lifestyle – everything all together controlled in one place from anywhere

  • State-of-the-art energy management

    Increase the energy performance and value of your development and help homeowners and operators maximise energy savings

  • Simple Installation

    Manufactured to your specification and timetable, installed easily by your qualified electrical contractor, no specialist required

  • Modular system

    We design bespoke configurations, whether a single property or a multi-unit development, adaptable to budgets and market needs

  • Powered by KNX

    KNX is the recognised global standard of building automation

A smart home solution for homes and apartments

Transforming housing developments with smart home technology.