Baulogic Alpha
Plug-And-Play Home Automation System for Property Developers


  • Modular home automation system designed specifically for property developers

    • Lighting control

    • Heating control

    • Multi-room audio *

    • Automated blinds/curtains *

    • Home network *

  • Easy installation by your own electricians without requiring specialist knowledge

  • Fully functioning out of the box

  • Multi-function light switches, with décor matching frames and labels *

  • In-wall touch screen with user-friendly navigation across all smart home functions

  • Smart phone app provides access to all functions from inside or outside the property

  • Room-based and zoned heating controls for underfloor heating or radiators

  • Comprehensive time clocks are programmed via the touch screen or app

  • Provides a solid foundation for the home owners’ future automation needs


Main Benefits

  • Modular factory-built control panels need no on-site commissioning

  • Easy installation by your own electricians with no specialist knowledge required

  • Screw-less connections allow fast and fault-free termination

  • Labelled plug and socket connections eliminate connection faults

  • Uniquely coded sockets for boiler, valves and pumps eliminate error-prone wiring centres

  • Control panels work out-of-the-box before home-owner’s broadband is installed

  • Each circuit can to be individually tested, as it is installed, via “builders switch” *

  • Base package suitable for automation of main living areas

  • Base package consists of three flexible control panels: Core, Lighting and Heating

  • Extension panels provide additional functionality if requested by your customer

  • No limit to the size of property that can be covered via extension panels

  • Simple plug-and-socket connections between panels

  • Smooth dimming of lighting circuits, including modern dimmable LED light fittings

  • Each wall switch can be labelled to eliminate the guessing game of which button does what

  • Integrated door-bell function linked to touch screen

  • Pre-configured inputs for Intruder Alarm Set, Intruder Alarm Triggered, Smoke Alarm Triggered

  • Based on KNX the worldwide open standard for home and building control, supported by hundreds of manufacturers, ensuring continuity of supply of spare parts


Options *

  • Add a door intercom station and speak to visitors from the touch screen

  • Simply plug in a Baulogic WiFi access point to provide excellent coverage in your show home

  • Add an Alexa Echo to provide voice control

  • Connect a “builders test switch” to provide early “all lights on/all lights off” function

  • Extension panels provide additional functionality:

    • Baulogic Lighting – provides twelve additional lighting circuits

    • Baulogic Heating – provides an additional eight heating zones

    • Baulogic Network – provides capacity for additional WiFi access points and network sockets

    • Baulogic Music – providing two zones of whole-home audio from local and streamed sources

    • Baulogic Metering – provides smart metering of all utility services including district heating

    • Baulogic MDU– provides a digital door intercom for blocks of up to 500 flats including one or more entrance doors, gates, concierge desks and onsite or remote facilities managers

[*] Option not included in base package


Technical Details


  • Dimensions XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Power Consumption XXXXXX

  • Operating temperature 0°C – 40°C

  • Gigabit LAN