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The revolution of wired smart home technology

December 14, 2022

While smart phones have become widespread and essential to our lives, genuinely smart homes are rare and remain the preserve of high net worth individuals.

Even newly built homes do not yet embrace smart technology, despite its potential to drive sales for house builders and empower homeowners to use and manage their homes more effortlessly and efficiently. At Baulogic, we believe that smart technology could be a gamechanger, and a way to future proof new build homes.

Looking back, it’s not hard to see why builders and homebuyers may have shied away. Integrated smart home technology is expensive, bespoke, complex and highly technical to install and use.  The solutions are not intuitive, they have been designed by engineers for installation by engineers and targeted firmly at wealthy customers who have the interest and means to tune the system to their exact requirements.

In contrast, the mass market consumer ‘smart’ products have focused on value and the DIY market. Dominated by data hungry global brands, the products rely on Wifi and cloud computing via the internet. We can see that despite being low-cost and easy to fit, the features are non-essential and limited. Essentially what you have is a series of disconnected apps that don’t talk to one another. Not very smart and unlikely to stand any test of time.

There are also real concerns in transferring essential functions of the home to Wifi-based systems. In reality Wifi is temperamental and we have all come to expect essentials like lighting and heating to work throughout the house, whether or not the Wifi is working or we have our phone to hand. Even with connectivity improving over the coming decade, with broadband benefiting from fibre to the home, or 5G telecoms, it is unlikely to keep up with our increasing data consumption. In addition, Wifi has limited channels and bandwidth and it doesn’t like the constant data stream generated by say UHD TV, or mounting interference from neighbours’ devices fighting for channel space. It’s also an unfortunate side effect of better insulated buildings with increasing steel structures that Wifi in the home continues to be unreliable.

So the common view so far has been that smart homes do not add up.

However, at Baulogic we believe in a better way. We imagined an affordable yet world class and constantly connected smart home technology solution for every new build home. One that is easy to use and simply installed by any electrician during the build process.  A solution that could make smart homes as widespread, accessible and essential to our lives as smart phones.

We believe that a single wired system is what makes this possible.

Baulogic has created one simple smart home solution. We like to think of it like a magic box that brings together all our smart home technology features into one simple plug and play solution.

To achieve this, we reimagined three elements of the smart home system – design, supply and endurance. Within these we looked to reduce complexity for the builder and future homeowner, also the cost and to offer maximum reliability and longevity.

Optimising across the board enables us to offer an entirely new smart home solution that has mass market appeal and provides a seamless step forward from traditional home controls that date back over 100 years.

With Baulogic there are no more worries about the reliability of the Wifi signal or the streaming speeds available. It becomes part of the fabric of the building, created at the outset of the build. The wired system works on continuous lower power which makes it more energy efficient too – no batteries or aggressive power consumption. It can fully support house builders meet the evolving demands of government energy measures both now and in the future. And of course, it opens the door and provides the means for homeowners to set up and manage their home energy consumption day-by-day, by being effortlessly always connected to their home.

It is a long-term, flexible infrastructure asset in the property, one with value for the house builders and indeed homeowners of the future.

Revolutionary? We think so.

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