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Case study: Staffordshire Self-Build

September 1, 2023

Location: Staffordshire

Property type: 4 bedroom house

Client: Self-builder

Completion date: April 2023

Our client approached Baulogic with a brief to install smart home features throughout their new self-build, and, in addition, a key priority was to create a safe and comfortable home environment for their disabled son.

With Baulogic’s wired smart home system, we provided our client with complete control of multi-zone underfloor heating, towel rails, lighting throughout and access control using a single touch screen interface. This was all unified and supported further by Alexa voice control and mobile app, giving complete control of the home from anywhere.

Working closely in collaboration with our client to understand their son’s needs, we designed, installed and programmed a bespoke system that caters to their son’s specific needs right now as well as being adaptable to his changing needs in future.

Rarely in a build project brief, is it so important to manage lighting and heating levels so carefully and thoroughly.

For our client’s disabled son it is important to avoid large temperature oscillations for health reasons. Baulogic provides simple preset multi-zone heating so that temperatures around the whole house are bespoke to each room and the needs of different family members.  The system can accurately manage room temperature control using our smart light switches which have integrated temperature sensors.

In addition, the needs of our client’s son were met by programming the lighting levels through the Baulogic system to avoid any sensory issues.  Just one example is setting the ‘welcome’ mode before they arrive home which turns lights on to a level of brightness that avoids sensory overload for their son.

The Baulogic system also enables the family to ensure their son is safe by restricting electricity in his room, using switches that can be controlled via the app, and closely managing the temperature of the shower room and towel rail in his wet room, meaning he can shower safely and independently.

For the whole family, the lighting controls throughout offer convenience and enhanced security in a rural location. For example, smart events such as the ‘Goodbye’ switch by the front door, sets the house into ‘unoccupied mode’ with the press of one button – turning down heating, ensuring lights are off and repurposing motion sensors to provide security notifications.

Using KNX, the recognised global standard of home automation, Baulogic delivered a highly functional house without complexity for our client. Baulogic home control enables additional accessibility in certain areas and provides their son with a far greater level of independence and quality of life, which was a critical need and impossible previously.

Unlike most other smart home systems, the Baulogic system is delivered pre-configured in tamperproof stacked panels. These are quickly installed by a regular electrician and commissioning is completed in a matter of hours. Even the most complex systems can be delivered ready for installation by the local contractor who requires limited orientation training. This ensures the project runs smoothly and without any delays.

Installed modules:  
– Dimmable and switched lighting
– Air source heat pump control for heating and cooling output
– Advanced multi-zone underfloor heating
– Dedicated towel rail circuit with scheduled and boosted control
– Motion sensors for both convenience and security
– Blind control in master bedroom
– Door and gate access