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Case study: Kensington penthouse

May 3, 2024

Location: Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Property type: 5-bedroom penthouse

Client: Private client

Completion date: December 2022

As part of a significant renovation project on one of London’s most sought-after streets, Baulogic collaborated with the prime contractor, FG Design, to implement comprehensive home control throughout the entire penthouse.

The Baulogic system provides the owners with complete control over essential home functions via a touchscreen interface, Alexa voice commands, and a mobile app, enabling remote control from anywhere.

For lighting, the Baulogic system controls both standard fixtures, such as antique lamps, and also seamless flush-mounted DELTA lighting tracks via DALI-2 for precision control.

For heating and cooling, the property uses a Daikin VRV system. Baulogic’s control of both heating and cooling per zone eliminates the need for unsightly and difficult-to-use room controllers. The VRV system operates off an air source heat pump, with a small indoor unit fitted in each room. The inherent complexity of such an advanced HVAC system is hidden behind the simplicity of Baulogic’s carefully designed user interface.

Baulogic also manages the security cameras, providing the owners with peace of mind that their property is safe, no matter where they are in the world.

Uniquely, the Baulogic system can manage the property as a single unit or two separate units should the owners wish to partition the space into a main apartment and an entirely separate annexe, while still enabling each unit complete home control.

Baulogic’s distinctive features include a backplate for first-fix installation, streamlining wiring and setup processes. Pre-configuration enables swift installation, testing, and handover of a comprehensive, reliable home automation package within hours.

Contact us now for a complimentary quote and discover how Baulogic essential home control can enhance your project’s efficiency and comfort. You can view more Baulogic case studies on our Experience Hub page.