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Work in progress case study: Herefordshire family home

April 18, 2024

Location: Herefordshire

Property type: 4 bedroom house

Client: Self-builder

Start date: January 2024

Estimated completion date: September 2024

Baulogic are working with Oakwrights – a multi award-winning company specialising in the architectural design and construction of oak frame houses, extensions and outbuildings – on several properties across Herefordshire. Oakwrights are on a mission to create high-performance homes that not only use the utmost energy-efficient and eco-friendly materials but also focus on the overall performance of the living environment.

At the forefront of this mission is their Managing Director, Charlie Mills. Baulogic are thrilled to be working with Charlie and his wife, Helen, who are currently embarking on their second self-build home.

For the Mills family, achieving the right balance between insulation, ventilation, and temperature control is crucial for reaching the desired performance outcomes, which can be tricky – but this is where Baulogic comes in. Baulogic enables the perfect collaboration between sustainable building practices and innovative home control solutions. This partnership will continue to redefine the possibilities of high-performance living.

In addition to the heating and cooling throughout the property, Baulogic will also control the home’s lighting and door and gate entry system.

Baulogic’s compatibility with renewable heating sources aligns perfectly with Charlie and Helen’s commitment to sustainable living. By seamlessly integrating with renewable energy systems, Baulogic will ensure that the home remains environmentally friendly throughout its lifecycle.

“Central to our mission is the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies that control the home environment, often running invisibly behind the scenes. Baulogic can improve the homeowners’ experience while also reducing bills and making the home more efficient” Charlie Mills, Managing Director of Oakwrights and property owner.

Contact us now for a complimentary quote and discover how Baulogic essential home control can enhance your project’s efficiency and comfort.