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Getting Started with Baulogic

A look at some of the essential questions and concepts at the start of any smart home project.

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    What does the Baulogic smart home system do?

    Our system provides the reliability and simplicity of a wired smart home solution for Lighting, Heating, Security and Energy Management. The plug&play design and factory configuration allow it to be installed by a developer & builder’s own electrical contractor.  Functionality and features are tailored for an optimal home owner experience without the usual complexity.

  • Product Essentials

    Do I need an accredited installer or electrician to install the Baulogic system?

    No. We have designed this system specifically to allow a qualified electrical contractor to install the system. Our connectors are widely recognised push fit WAGO connectors, and regular RJ45 CAT5/6 cable terminations. The KNX bus cable is single strand black/red block termination. Better still we remove the potential for all those ring, two-way and intermediate switch wiring errors and subsequent return visits. Any complexity (if there is any) is safely hidden away in our factory configured software.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    Why is Baulogic better than other universal home controls I can buy?

    There are some great value solutions from familiar consumer brands offering a high level of functionality for modest initial cost. These solutions are often fitted after a house is built, dependent on unreliable Wi-Fi and internet connectivity and are controlled only through Apps on phones or tablets. Furthermore the consumer technology of today can soon feel like technology of yester-year.

    In contrast luxury bespoke smart home solutions, traditionally targeted at prime luxury homes provide functionality that is more ‘fundamental’, for example primary room lighting rather than lamps or LEDs for effect or whole home heating rather than a summer fan. The lifecycle of these systems is much longer, just like the life cycle of a traditional light switch. Unfortunately such systems carry a high price tag.

    At Baulogic we offer the same technology found in luxury bespoke systems but we’ve reduced the cost by creating a product that we can manufacture in the volumes needed by house builders. A timeless and ultra reliable system that now fits in the budget of many mid to premium homes.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    Many consumer systems seem to be wireless, why do you strongly advocate a wired system?

    There are many credible uses of wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-wave) mostly in single function consumer after markets.

    With an integrated wired solution built into the fabric of the home, the developer can offer the home buyers the assurances they demand for essential services such as lighting, heating and security.

  • Product Essentials

    The system is simple to install. How does the wiring and installation differ from conventional wiring?

    The main difference is the separation of switches which are on the bus cable and the lights which are on dedicated radial circuits. This means that all the cabling from lights to switches is removed. So whether its one way, two way or intermediate switching it is not required. This is simpler, quicker and very likely to work first time. There are no hard to find ring earth faults and for quick connection to the heating system and control box we include all the necessary WAGO connectors for a reliable push-click fit.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    What is a ‘scene’ in lighting control?

    With multiple lights in an area or even house/apartment we might often want to control them together. For example, when cooking and eating we may want the dining pendant dimmed and the kitchen light and LEDs on bright. This is a scene, you can select all the lights for this ‘scene’ with one button press.

    If the scene was commonly used we’d put it on one of the buttons on a light switch. ‘Goodnight’ which turns off all the lights in the house is a common ‘scene’ which we put on the landing switch. The home owner can edit all scenes and add their own through the touch panel and phone App.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    Families are constantly on their phones, the last thing we need is more technology. 

    We completely agree and we hope you’ll find our wall switches and touch panel allow control equivalent to the most sophisticated Apps without the need for a phone.

    Try the Alexa and Google compatible voice control to control lighting , heating and even music without a single phone at the dinner table.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    We want to better differentiate between our standard and premium plots across the site, how can you help?

    The Baulogic system creates visible difference. Whether between types of, say, four bed properties or different floors in an apartment block having the system is a clear difference. Once installed the system can be equipped with different numbers or grades of switches, additional lighting circuits or security cameras and even features bespoke to a property design.

  • Product Essentials

    Our electrical contractor in nervous about smart home systems. What assurances do you provide?

    We imagine most contractors have been sent a box of parts and expected to build a system on site in limited time, one that they didn’t design in the first place? And they’ve certainly spent too many hours searching for the cause of various faults.

    Many systems require extensive panel wiring, a device identification process and programming whilst building work continues around the contractor.

    Simply put, the Bauloigc system has been designed to avoid all of these issues. Your contractors can concentrate on the simplified cabling according to a pre-agreed plan. We’ve done all the complex internal cabling already. We send the whole system pre-programmed to your specification and clearly labelled so each device is correctly located and ready to work. The system even auto adjusts for different loads on the dimmers to provide optimal lighting from the very first power on.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    Would we need to put your system in every home on a site?

    No. You can use our system to better differentiate premium plots or apartment floors. You might also highlight the difference between different grades of properties i.e 4 bed type 1, 2 or 3.

  • Product Essentials

    Does the system cover the whole house?

    The Baulogic system is modular and be easily expanded from our Base Pack to cover the whole house. We recommend the hallway, landing and modern kitchen diner as a starting point complete with heating, lighting, security and energy management.

    Next up for consideration would be the lounge, master suite and driveway or patio lights extending to the whole home for total control and peace of mind. Track control for curtains or blinds, and garage doors adds luxury but also extends the energy management capability.

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    Will the system still work with poor mobile phone reception or unreliable wifi?

    Absolutely. The Baulogic system has its own wired control network. Unlike well known consumer devices that are controlled via phone Apps our system is wired for reliability and locally controlled.

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    Can I control the lights and heating from my phone?

    Yes. A control App for all the features is available for Apple and Android devices.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    How will your system make my properties sell faster?

    We can  promise that your homes will benefit from a premium product that makes them more sophisticated, cosier, welcoming, energy efficient and secure.

    Homebuyers will no doubt be thinking of various different consumer brands they can add once they own the house. We think that being a innovator in this area will appeal to potential buyers and a single solution for the main lighting, heating, security functions in a home will stand out as highly desirable.

    In smart modern apartments the smart functions can readily cover the entire unit and be an essential part of the specification.

  • Product Essentials

    Does the Baulogic system support multi-zone Underfloor heating?

    Yes, our underfloor heating module controls up to 8 zones via actuators. Each room temperature sensor is invisibly integrated into our smart switches. Schedules and set-points can be easily controlled from the touch panel or App, with settings per room or in groups for fast, clear programming.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    How much value will your product add to our homes?

    We can  promise that your homes will benefit from a premium product that makes them more sophisticated, cosier, welcoming, energy efficient and secure.

    This is part of the fabric of the home and its value will be most visible if complemented with carefully designed outside lighting, a combination of pendants, down-lighters and under counter top lights.

    In premium properties with multiple heating zones that otherwise hidden feature can have a spotlight cast on it through the sleek touch panel control system.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    Some people struggle with technology, will they want to buy our homes?

    We fully appreciate that some people are intimidated by technology. The thought of using a phone or ‘app’ to control simple home functions can be a big turn off for many.

    That’s why at Baulogic we work hard to deliver the benefits of technology whilst keeping most of it hidden.

    The system avoids Wi-Fi and internet problems, the phone operation is optional and even the touch panel is clear and intuitive.

    For those still not interested our light switches can be as simple as a regular ‘rocker’ switch. Once they discover that one switch can transform their kitchen with the ‘Luxury Kitchen’ scene we think even those initially put off by technology will be quickly converted.

  • Product Essentials

    Does the Baulogic system provide access control for doors and gates?

    Yes. Whether the properties form a gated development or apartment block, or even a single unit with electric gates the Baulogic system can control the access systems. In communal blocks this is achieved by a Comms Server which also allows personal or block messaging by a Concierge or Maintenance Manager.

  • Product Essentials

    If my broadband fails will all my lights and heating go off?

    No. The Baulogic system is a wired system and has its own local control links. Assuming the fault is confined to your broadband line or equipment the Baulogic system will carry on as normal. Some features such as remote control from your phone and connected help from our support team will be unavailable until the internet is restored. Your heating, lighting and even the touch panel will be unaffected by internet availability.

  • Product Essentials

    We have very tight build schedules and I’m worried about adding more complexity?

    Our ordering and delivery processes direct from our UK factory will not impact on your build schedule. We really do believe the Baulogic system removes much of the complexity of modern house wiring, and despite the sophisticated system to be enjoyed by your home buyers, the installation will be simple and trouble-free.

  • Smart Home Essentials

    Our typical homebuyer would prefer regular light switches not digital touch pads. Can you convert standard light switches?

    We offer a few different types of switches. We have carefully selected one particular range of switch because it operates and looks very similar to a regular light switch – no lights, or displays just simple ‘rocker’ switches. Unlike a normal switch these switches can be programmed to make simple actions like lights on/off or whole home actions like ‘Goodnight’ which can turn off all the lights and the heating and hot water.