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A smart home solution with a difference

If you are curious about smart home tech but have been put off by the idea that it is complicated and expensive, then let us introduce you to Baulogic. Cost effective, simple to install and provides whole home functionality for all new houses and apartments

Every new building will soon be smart. The convenience, security and energy efficiencies that smart homes afford is a lifestyle that will soon be widely expected.
We can help you make your client projects ready for the future.
  • Baulogic home control

    All essential functions controlled by one simple unified wired system controlling lighting, heating, security, access, shades and energy management

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  • Always connected, effortlessly in control

    Provide your clients with a transformational smart home lifestyle – everything all together controlled in one place from anywhere

  • State-of-the-art energy management

    Increase the energy performance of the building and help your clients save energy

  • Simple installation

    Baulogic is easy to install within the build process by any qualified electrical contractor, no specialist required

  • Modular system

    We work with you to design a bespoke configuration, adaptable to budgets and individual needs

  • Powered by KNX

    The recognised global standard of building automation

A smart home solution for all new homes and apartments

Architect and clients planning a house