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Baulogic touch screen

Smart home living for all new homes

Always connected and in control of your home

Baulogic offers convenient and simple control of heating, lighting, energy management, blinds, security, door and gate access.

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Smart technology into the heart of every new home

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  • Lighting

    Whether you are sitting down for a meal, or making your home welcoming on your return or simply turning off the lights when you leave the room, you have full control with preset scenes that have your rooms lit just as you want.

  • Heating

    Accurate control of multiple heating zones, which also has the potential for saving on energy costs. Whether you are at home or away, you can make things even smarter by controlling the window blinds on a hot sunny day or a cold winter’s evening.

  • Security

    Beyond just cameras and alarms. Combine door entry control, automatic lighting levels and motion, smoke or even flood sensors to secure the individual home or apartment block.

  • Energy Management

    Baulogic can maximise efficiencies, reduce wastage and optimise energy demand using greater controls and more accurate data. You can programme whole home smart events with customised decisions which work together to enable greater efficiencies across the entire property.

Gaining industry recognition

Baulogic’s wired smart home system is being recognised in the industry. We have been shortlisted in the Build It Awards 2022 ‘Best Home Technology Product or Installation’ which we also won in 2020.  We were also a Highly Commended finalist in 2022 KNX UK Awards.

Baulogic is a simple plug-and-play smart home technology solution

One simple solution,
wired into the fabric of the building

  • A wired system — not reliant on Wifi or internet connectivity
  • Plug and go — easily installed by any electrical contractor
  • Built for longevity — an enduring professional grade solution

Enabling energy management and sustainability opportunities at home and within communities

  • How to buy

    How to buy

    Whether you’re a self-builder undertaking your first major project or a seasoned developer of any scale, we can bring smart home living to all your builds. Architects, builders, electricians can join us to deliver affordable, repeatable and customised solutions.

  • Why Baulogic?

    Why Baulogic?

    We are a British company with extensive property development know-how and home design expertise, enabling us to provide house builders with customised smart home technology without complexity and frustration.

  • Help & Advice

    Help & Advice

    Find everything from our full range of smart home technology features as well as installation guides and aftersales information.

Delivering smart home living for all

Baulogic believes that every new home needs built-in smart home technology delivering convenience and simplicity in the control of lighting, heating, security and ambience, and management of energy usage.

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Drop us a line to discuss your requirements and how your next property project can benefit from Baulogic smart home features.

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