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Integrated home automation created for developersfor house buildersfor self-buildersfor heating controlfor lighting controlfor security controlto engage buyersto raise specificationsto sell more homesto install quicklyto install simplyto save moneyto work for youto work for your buyersby Baulogic

A uniquely simple solution

  • Tailor-Made

    Pre-programmed off-site for your house types

  • Just-In-Time

    Reliable 1st / 2nd fix delivery scheduled per plot

  • Plug-And-Play

    Installed by your standard electrical contractors

  • Reduce costs

    No on-site technician, saving time and money

  • Increase sales

    Building aspirational features into the heart of every new home

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Building aspirational features into the heart of every new home

  • Ambience

    Personalise lighting and heating levels in the main living spaces to match activity, mood or time of the day.

  • Security

    Beyond just cameras and alarms. Combine door entry control, automatic lighting levels and motion, smoke or even flood sensors to secure the whole home.

  • Energy efficiency

    Accurate control of multiple heating zones has the potential for saving on energy costs. Make things even smarter by controlling the window blinds on a hot sunny day or a cold winter’s evening and those savings increase further.

  • Convenience

    Through familiar interfaces such as wall switches, control panels and even voice-controlled home assistants there’s no need for multiple confusing apps and systems.


Versatile features provide unrivalled personalisation

  • Thermostats

  • Under-floor heating

  • Multi-zone heating

  • Intercom

  • Music

  • Curtains

  • Blinds

  • Access control

  • Cameras

  • Alerts

  • Flood detection

  • Touch panels

  • App control

  • Remote control

  • Data networking

  • Video door entry

  • Lighting

  • Scheduling

After sales

  • Warranties

    Parts and software product warranty

    Historical service data confirms low failure rate

    Remote diagnostics via secure connection

    Major issues resolved by fast module swap-out

  • Home-owner support

    Past warranty product support options for home-owners

    Home-owner support to be provided by any qualified electrician

  • How-to web guides

    Website with easy to understand videos, support guides and FAQs for home-owners

    Focused on-line training and guidance for any qualified electrician

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