Imagine an automated home that...

  • is simple to control
  • adjusts the lighting to suit your mood or activity
  • plays music in every room
  • opens and closes the curtains at the flick of a switch
  • reduces your energy usage
  • turns off and secures itself automatically when you leave
  • deters intruders by simulating your routine when you're on holiday
  • can be monitored from your smartphone when you're away

Imagine an intelligent building that automatically...

  • turns the lights and heating off in unoccupied rooms
  • dims the lighting when sufficient daylight is available
  • emails you a list of faulty light fittings
  • automatically tests your emergency lighting system
  • opens vents when the COlevels exceed recommended levels
  • passively cools rooms when they get too hot
  • closes blinds when the sun is too strong

All this and more is possible with an automated home or intelligent building from Baulogic - specialists in KNXDALI and Control4.