Project Overview

Baulogic was approached to design and install an intelligent lighting system in a penthouse apartment at The Belvedere, Cambridge, to maximise the appeal of this spacious contemporary penthouse apartment. 

The design brief called for a modern system that would suit the building and complement the client's furnishings. Following discussions with the client, it was established that Baulogic could offer additional home automation that would complement the client's busy lifestyle, and the designs were revised accordingly.


LED lighting to maximise energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal
Bang and Olufsen television and sound system with Master Link connectivity to ceiling speakers in the en-suite bathrooms
Electric hot tub on the open terrace
External feature lighting
Full data, TV and telephone structured cabling distribution system

Customer Expectation

This design had to complement the designer look of this prestigious penthouse apartment. All of the accessories from the plasma televisions down to the light switches were hand-picked by Baulogic and presented to the client before being approved and incorporated into the design.

The lighting was designed to work in harmony both with structural features and the furnishings selected by the client and their interior designer. Baulogic worked closely with both throughout the project to ensure that the lighting scheme would produce the optimum and desired effect.

After Completion

After the initial design was approved and installed on-site, the installation was allowed to be 'lived in' for a number of weeks. Following this initial period, Baulogic returned to site and made a number of programming changes to tweak the system in order to meet the client's practical usage patterns. We also refined the control of the lighting scenes to enable the client to adjust the light levels of each scene to its optimum, and save the scene so that it could be recalled at the single touch of a button.