Intelligent Lighting

Imagine pressing a single button to make the lights in a room adjust to suit your activity, whether you're watching a movie, reading a book, studying, dining or cooking.

Setting the scene

With a Baulogic installed lighting system, you become the master of every light in your home. An intelligent home uses 'scenes' to adjust all of the light circuits to pre-set levels; you can dim every light - including those that are switched from multiple places; you can programme multiple lighting scenes to select the appropriate light level for each of the lights in a room to suit, or respond automatically to, a particular activity. A scene can also cover more than just one room; for example, a single switch beside the master bed or front door can turns off all of the lights throughout the building.

Security and peace of mind

The system learns your daily routine and plays this back when you're away from home, making it appear as though the property is occupied. Since the simulation accurately mirrors your actual behaviour, no one can tell whether you're at home or not, providing the perfect deterrent to burglars.

Beautiful controls

A Baulogic lighting system is not just clever, it's also beautiful. The range of switches from top European manufacturers (including ABB, BASALTE, GIRA and Vimar) bring a fresh, clean and modern appearance to your home. GIRA and Vimar's system of modular frames and inserts allows multiple functions to be centralised into a single, beautifully finished unit.


Case Studies