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Thank you for choosing our smart home products.

Please follow these simple steps to connect with your new home from a phone or tablet:

  1. Ensure your Baulogic system has an active internet connection.
    Tip: Some providers supply the home broadband router to the builder in advance. The service may not be fully activated until you contact the provider. 
  2. Search “Baulogic” in your compatible App store (Google or Apple) to download and install our app.
  3. Open the Baulogic App on your phone.
  4. Select “Sign in with QR-Code”.
  5. Scan the QR-Code provided with your system.
  6. Enter the PIN provided with the QR-Code.

That’s it. In a few moments you’ll be connected and in control of your home from anywhere.

Thank you and enjoy your new home.

The Baulogic Team

Having trouble connecting? See our helpful tips here.