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Product Catalogue

Introducing the Baulogic range of smart home products offering convenient and simple control of heating, lighting, ambience, security and home energy management.

Built It Awards 2020 - Winners Logo

Winner of Build It Award

Baulogic’s wired smart home system is the winner of the ‘Best Home Technology Product or Installation’ in the 2020 Build It Awards.

Baulogic B1 – the brains of the system

All Baulogic products are linked to Baulogic B1, the main control box and the brains of the system.

Installed discreetly in every property it operates across the main living areas – typically the reception area, kitchen and main living area. It provides controls to heating and lighting as well as door intercom and security cameras.

It comes with a touch screen providing all programming and can also be controlled remotely via smart phones.

Wide-ranging smart features can be added to extend cover to the whole home or according to individual homeowners requirements.

The B1 covers the main living areas:

  • Includes eight dimmable lighting circuits, 4 on/off lighting circuits
  • Connects to your home broadband to enable mobile app connectivity
  • Connects to touch screen, cameras and door intercom (up to four network devices)
  • Uses global standard KNX cabling to power and control your light switches and sensors
  • Secure remote access for support and enhancement
  • 4 volt free connections to motion sensors. Or connect to building burglar alarms or smoke alarms for notifications on your touchscreen or phone
  • Receive backplate and connectors during first fix. Control box is installed on to back plate at second fix
  • Optional energy monitor to track your energy consumption

+Control – effortless control of your home

Touch screen and app provides full control of your home

  • Continuous ability to review and adjust heating across your entire home
  • Control and adjust schedules for lighting and heating to fit around your lifestyle
  • View your security camera feed
  • Control any light anywhere in your home
  • Create alerts and notifications to your phone
  • Functionality also available via mobile phone once connected
    to internet

Wall switches – more than just a light switch

Our simple and display switches provide greater levels of control around your home

  • Control all lighting circuits and scenes around your entire home
  • Two available switches, one is a display switch with increased control
  • Simple KNX cabling provides power and control independent of any lighting circuit
  • Low voltage so can be installed within bathroom
  • Add key pre-set events like Goodbye, Welcome or Goodnight which will set your lighting and/or heating just as you need
  • Temperature sensor integrated into the switch
  • KNX cabling can run next to power cables unlike network cabling

+Comfort – smart control of your heating

The Baulogic system can manage your boiler, your underfloor heating and even your blinds and curtains for maximum temperature control and energy efficiency.

CHT – central heating control

  • Smart control of two heating zones and your hot water (DHW)
  • Easy to programme pre-set schedules
  • Uses inbuilt temperature sensors within any Baulogic light switch
  • Alternatively add two independent temperature sensors
  • Weather compensation built-in using internet or external temperature sensor

UFH – underfloor heating control

  • Control of up to eight underfloor zones
  • Uses inbuilt temperature sensors within any Baulogic light switch
  • Alternatively add eight independent temperature sensors
  • Links to pre-set schedules
  • Link to your air source heat pump (ASHP)

+Security – being aware of your home

Door intercom and video cameras allow easy monitoring of the property

  • Our door intercom features a high res colour camera which integrates to your touch screen or mobile phone
  • Our camera can be mounted indoors or outdoors and operates in high res during day and night
  • Stream in realtime to your touch screen or phone
  • Look back over previous days to see any movements of interest
  • Add a motion sensor to generate alerts on movement
  • Connect your third party smoke, fire, burglar or flood alarm, to be notified via app, lighting or touch screen of any alerts

+Lighting – smart lighting for your whole home

Increase the number of lighting circuits powered and controlled by your home

  • Includes eight dimmable and four on/off lighting circuits
  • Every +Lighting box can be connected to its own individual fuse box spur
  • Additional 4 volt free outputs available to connect additional sensors or alerts
  • Controlled by unlimited switches and panels

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