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Introducing our new smart home system for all new builds

September 28, 2020

2020 has emerged as an exciting moment for Baulogic with the launch of our new wired smart home technology solution. Aimed at house builders, it brings smart technology beyond the luxury homes market, making it accessible, easy to use and affordable for all house builders including self-builders and refurbishments as well as major new house and apartment developments nationwide.

Our new Baulogic system brings together all our smart home technology features into a simple plug and play solution which gives fingertip control of the home to the homeowner while being easily installed within the build process.

For the last 10 years Baulogic has been integrating bespoke, high end smart home features into new buildings and we saw an opportunity to create an extremely simple wired solution that could be rolled out more widely to all new apartment blocks and houses. It just had to be easy to install within the build process, and importantly by any electrical contractor – not an onsite specialist.

With our co-founders’ backgrounds in property development and investment we are all too familiar with the challenges of cost and complexity installing smart home tech, and now we have found a way to provide house builders with a wired smart home technology solution that balances cost and complexity considerations with world class reliability and functionality.

It is a timely shift in focus for us because we are seeing more people than ever before using their homes as a place to work as well as a base for their family and their social lives. Now there is a greater need for homeowners to have the connectivity and control that Baulogic offers, as well as a means of managing the consequential rise in energy costs from being at home more.

Baulogic enables homeowners to adapt their environment to suit whatever they are doing and whatever their mood. It provides effortless control of lighting, heating, security and ambience via a touch screen, simple and smart wall switches and an easy-to-use app. This means full connectivity with your home even when out and about.

The benefits of Baulogic are boundless: from pre-setting your home heating and lighting so that it is warm and bright when you return home, to controlling door and gate entry systems.  From creating pre-set ambient scenes with the press of one switch, to the all off button by the front door.  All of this available without being dependent on unreliable Wifi connections as it is all securely wired into the fabric of the home.

Baulogic also focuses on energy efficiency, recognising that it is a high priority for homeowners for both cost and environmental reasons. Baulogic enables homeowners to be constantly in control and connected, easily managing energy consumption day to day.

These trends on how we use our homes are set to stay which is why we believe there is a future where every home is a smart home.

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