Project Overview

This unique family home set in the rolling hills of the Derbyshire Peak District was designed with sustainability at its core. Utilising both local and renewable materials as much as possible, the house generates its own electricity, recycles grey water, harvests rainwater and uses the energy in the surrounding ground as its primary heating source. Using techniques that reinterpret the local vernacular, Sanei Hopkins have designed this wave-shaped house with walls that resemble a dry-stone wall.


Baulogic were responsible for the home's building controls including smart lighting, underfloor heating, electric roller blinds, mechanical ventilation, and plant room control.

The NIBE ground-source heat pump provides the majority of the heating for the entire house and swimming pool, with a pair of gas boilers providing automatic backup.

After Completion

The behaviour of the energy saving systems in the building is constantly monitored and reports are automatically emailed to Max Fordham, the M&E Consultants on this project, so that the performance of the building can be optimised over time.