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Effortlessly in control and connected to your home

Stylish touch screen and on-the-move app giving you fingertip control at all times

Living and working

At work. At play. Or away.

Whatever you are doing, stay effortlessly in control of your home

Woman feeling comfortable at home

Feel comfortable

  • Set the temperature to exactly how you like it with schedules on your thermostat
  • Return home to be welcomed by a warm and bright home
  • Adjust or override settings from the app or touch screen if you want to warm up or cool down
  • Set the lights to go on/off with motion as you move around

Set the perfect mood

  • Create lighting scenes for working, cooking, eating – to suit whatever you are doing
  • Set temperature schedules to fit with working hours, family time, going out

Feel entirely safe

  • Use the door intercom for the front door or access to door entry system in apartments
  • Feel even safer with a panic button that triggers alarms, lights and notifications
  • Receive alerts when the door bell rings or security motion is detected
  • Connect to cameras around the house and turn on outside lights

Peace of mind all the time

  • No issues if the Wifi goes down, it’s wired into the fabric of your home
  • Set the lights to turn on and the blinds to close when it gets dark
  • Response to smoke or burglar alarm detections with lights on, alarms and phone notification
  • Set your home to holiday mode with random lighting
  • Set goodnight/ goodbye mode when you go to bed or leave home
  • Receive reminders to turn off heating and hot water when you are on holiday
Energy data displayed on smart home touch screen

Stay energy conscious

  • Simple and clear touch screen makes heating easy to control, saving energy and money
  • Manage the temperature taking into account the weather outside
  • Accurate multi-zone heating control is ideally suited to district heating systems
  • Set schedules and apply to thermostats to control energy use
  • Adjust temperatures from your mobile or the touch screen
  • Monitor your energy consumption in real time

Effortlessly connected to your community

Enhanced features suitable for apartment buildings

  • Connect with concierge and community facilities via the app or the touch screen
  • Property-wide messaging for residents and building staff, including urgent alerts
  • Facilitate door and gate access and deliveries via door intercom
    or phone
  • Remote access to security systems
  • One-touch access to property amenities and concierge services like booking transport, cleaning and maintenance requests and guest list management and access

Looking for something more?

Upgrade your homes with our tailor made solution.

Add a touch of luxury to penthouses or premium homes with additional features or coverage to showcase the property’s features. Extend smart lighting to the master suites or add motor control for curtains, blinds or even the garage doors. Or simply add accessories including cameras, upgraded switches or a second touch panel to ensure a property stands out.

Every configuration is factory tested to ensure your solution is effortlessly repeatable across even the largest developments.

Want to find out more?

Drop us a line to discuss your requirements and how your next property project can benefit from Baulogic smart home features.

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