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We are all facing the conundrum of how to manage ever increasing home energy demands with the fundamental need to protect our planet. The need for innovation is urgent and Baulogic has developed a solution that can make your new build home more efficient, more intuitive and consequently kinder on the environment.

Our priority

Energy management is a key focus for Baulogic.

We recognise that it is a high priority for homeowners for both cost and environmental reasons. Baulogic empowers homeowners to be effortlessly in control and always connected to their homes, enabling day-by-day management of energy consumption.

Working in partnership

Baulogic can work with house builders and fully support them in meeting the evolving demands of government energy measures both now and in the future.

We can also collaborate with providers of regional and district heating projects by integrating Baulogic with other centralised heating solutions to provide homes in the area with the information and controls to maximise energy efficiency.

Our approach

It is the combination of smarter controls of heating and lighting with greater levels of home intel and data which is powerful.

We use a range of technologies to promote home energy management and conservation, harnessing existing technologies as well as developing further new software and hardware developments.

Together these will directly contribute to the reduction of your home carbon emissions and household bills.

Our energy conservation features

Smart controls

Simpler and smarter controls of heating and lighting are where major energy savings can be made.  Our smart light switches and sensors collect data from around the house, enabling diverse temperature readings which can then smartly manage demand to the boiler and pump for efficient heating.

  • Control of heating and hot water whilst away from home
  • Settings to turn the lights off when a room is unoccupied or when you leave home
  • Individual room data enables more efficiency and reduces dependency on thermostatic radiator valves
  • Automatic reduction of target heating temperature overnight or when home is unoccupied
  • Easily spot when lights have been left on around the home and turn them off from touch screen, app or any smart switch around the house
  • An external weather sensor monitors and feeds information about the weather to heating systems enabling more efficient energy consumption

Energy Data

It is a commonly held assumption that the information provided by smart meters on energy consumption leads automatically to better energy conservation.  Yet in reality we know very little about our homes and it can feel like you’re flying blind.

By providing more information Baulogic helps you make better decisions.

  • Logs and visualises data on current and historic home energy consumption
  • Provides live data on hot water, heating, temperature and target temperatures
  • Links to smart meters giving access to real-time information and makes direct links to your energy use
  • Data and demand graphs available at all times on the touch screen and app

Easy programming

Through our touch screen it is possible to fully control your home around your daily schedule. We understand that easy programming is essential, so the touch screen and the app have been designed to easily control even the most busy family lifestyles.

  • Easily set programme to mirror your household routine, with controls to individual rooms
  • Easy access to see your energy usage and adjust lighting and heating to manage your costs
  • Automatic notifications and reminders to turn down the system when your home is unoccupied

Want to find out more?

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