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Energy Management

Our priority

We are all facing the conundrum of how to manage ever increasing home energy demands, whilst protecting our planet and saving on our wallets.

We recognise that it is a high priority for developers and homeowners which is why Baulogic is working at the forefront of home energy management.

We provide the technologies and controls to optimise the use of green energy sources, maximise energy efficiencies and reduce wastage.

Our aim is to make home energy management simple.

Helping to build
more energy efficient
homes with long term
greener credentials

  • More accurate control
  • Encouraging better decisions
  • Unified home control
  • Generating big data
  • Increasing comfort and reducing energy
  • Eliminating wasted energy
  • Working together across the whole home for maximum effect
  • Supporting future design decisions Validating eco credentials

Energy Hub

Baulogic supports the latest energy source selection and control methods.

With increasingly complex home energy supply and demand scenarios and with homes installing multiple energy sources with variable costs, Baulogic has developed the Energy Hub which connects and monitors a wide range of energy sources and makes smart decisions.

  • Match demand against energy costs of variable dynamic tariffs
  • Divert locally generated energy to batteries and hot water
  • Allow feed-in to grid as last resort

Energy Manager

Smart decision-making ready for next generation energy management.

  • Baulogic computing power is uniquely connected through the property
  • Builds rich data on heating, lighting, motion, room temperatures as well as online information on tariffs, weather and more
  • Baulogic makes smart decisions based on this contextual data
  • Provides optimum guidance for all devices enabling homeowners to effortlessly make better decisions

Home mode

With the press of one button it is possible to change your whole home to a different mode (e.g. Away or Night). This will reduce lighting, set back heating temperatures to more efficient levels and initiate low energy smart events.

With the information easily accessible via Baulogic, it is also easier to spot wasteful heating of empty rooms and turn off lights from anywhere.


With Baulogic’s advanced scheduling tools, energy demand can be kept in check to ensure an optimal match between demand and supply which avoids the inefficiencies of spiked demand which are expensive in terms of bills and carbon footprint.

Greater controls and accurate data

Baulogic provides greater controls and understanding of energy management which enables homeowners to make better decisions about energy consumption in their homes.

Smart events – unified home control

Baulogic is programmed with smart events which enable the system to make automatic custom decisions to maximise efficiencies day-to-day.

Because Baulogic controls the whole home (heating, lighting, blinds, sensors etc) the advanced controls work together to enable greater efficiencies across the whole home.

Big data to support better future building design

For larger developments, Baulogic enables developers, specifiers and estate management companies to access anonymous data on how energy is consumed and managed within the development.

This unprecedented supply of big data:

  • Supports future design decisions
  • Validates eco credentials
  • Enables energy providers to better predict energy demand
  • Information that to date is simply not available

Empowering community energy initiatives

Baulogic enables cooperation in a district heating community where information about energy supply and demand can be shared amongst homeowners, energy providers and even landlords and tenants.

With greater awareness and control there are more opportunities for collective responsibility and significant collective gains.

  • Enable cooperation between all stakeholders
  • Match unit heating parameters with communal generation performance
  • Share data between homes and energy supplier for optimal operation and tariff
  • Centralise control for build-to-rent or low occupancy schemes

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