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Integrated smart home living created for developers to install quickly to engage buyers to sell more homes to raise specifications to install quickly to install simply to save money to work for you to work for your buyers by Baulogic for developers to install quickly to engage buyers to sell more homes to raise specifications to install quickly to install simply to save money to work for you to work for your buyers by Baulogic

Attract buyers with a market differentiating smart home lifestyle

What does this mean?

A connected home effortlessly controlled from home or away
One simple system controlled by touch screen, light switches, app and Alexa voice control
Fingertip control of lighting, heating, security, blinds, energy efficiency and more
A range suitable for all ages and technical know-how
Flexibility for advanced configuration or default mode which is set for the simplest, widest appeal

What does this give you?


A luxury buying experience

Home buyers can choose the styling and functionality of smart switches to suit preferences


Demonstrate your build quality

This is a home that is future proofed and ready to meet sustainability challenges



Pricing options


Justification for price differentials per plot/apartment



Connecting homes and communities within apartment buildings

Enhanced features for apartment buildings


Advanced services  for apartment buildings:

  • Facilitate door and gate access and deliveries via door intercom or phone
  • Property-wide messaging for residents and staff, including urgent alerts
  • Connect with concierge and block management services via the app or the touch screen
  • Remote access to video and motion-based security systems
  • One-touch access to property amenities and concierge services like booking transport, cleaning / maintenance requests and guest list management

Helping you build more energy efficient homes


Baulogic empowers homeowners with greater understanding and control of energy consumption in their homes.

For example, our system gathers accurate room temperature measurements which means individual rooms can be managed according to temperature preferences and precise schedules.

With full control of the home all the time, Baulogic ensures that no energy is needlessly wasted when rooms are unoccupied.

More broadly, Baulogic can work with housebuilders to meet the evolving regulatory demands and also connect new developments with wider community and sustainability initiatives.



Tailor made to any budget

Developers can offer buyers the base Baulogic system which provides maximum impact in control and convenience. This would include:





Lighting control for the main areas, entrances and outside


Opportunity to upsell and customise for greater impact


Additional Baulogic features can be fitted on request:

  • Lighting can be extended to other key rooms and areas cost effectively
  • Add security features to monitor the home with cameras and door entry systems plus the system will complement any alarm system
  • Receive notifications of smoke/heat/flood alarms and install motion detectors that will trigger lighting response
  • Add electric blind controls and garage door control

<h3>A Uniquely Simple Solution</h3>

One simple solution wired into the fabric of the building

Baulogic brings together all our smart home technology features into one simple plug and go solution that gives fingertip control of the home. The control system is easily installed within the build process by any electrical contractor.

How does it work?

A process that is refreshingly simple


    A total solution designed to work reliably on every plot. Manufactured to your specification and timetable.

  • 1ST FIX

    Back plates, essential cabling and connectors ready the building, whilst minimising up-front costs.

  • 2ND FIX

    Plot-specific package called-off from Baulogic. Quick plug-in installation by your usual electrical contractor.


    Fully functioning right of the box. Switch on your intelligent home.


    Long-term support focus, remote diagnostics and simple guides online for electrician and homeowner.

Why Choose Baulogic?

We are a British company with extensive property development know-how and home design expertise. We understand the challenges developers face with the cost and complexity of installing smart home technology into larger scale developments.

In parallel, we are also seeing how people increasingly combine living and working at home and how energy efficiency is a greater priority to house holders for both cost and environmental reasons. We see smart technology as the enabler that helps house holders be in control and always connected to their homes.

We can provide developers with a wired smart home technology solution that balances cost considerations with home owner impact and world class reliability and functionality.

We bring the very best of smart home technology into a simple, wired, cost effective solution.

Designed by developers for developers.