Baulogic Adds Value to Your Developments

We currently work with developers across a range of building projects. Smart buildings are quickly moving up the agenda of those looking to build or improve for the future, and the technology not only brings immediate added value to the unit, but can also help to make energy and cost savings in the longer term.

Meanwhile, home-buyers themselves are fast realising the benefits to owning a smart home. Ever-increasing media attention from TV shows, a desire for a less complicated home life, and a heightened interest in green technology are all helping to shape this growing marketplace.

We work with developers to design a cost-effective smart building infrastructure within each unit and across an entire site. Crucially, we can then go on to maintain and, where required, expand these installations on behalf of the purchaser.

We specialise in:

  • smart home design
  • mood lighting
  • touchscreen control
  • multi-room audio and video
  • home cinemas
  • smart heating control
  • data networking
  • door intercoms
  • access control
  • CCTV
  • green technology, energy usage and load monitoring.

Contact us to discuss your project, or to find out what a Baulogic installation can achieve.




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