DALI is an acronym that stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. DALI is an international standard protocol for digital lighting control (IEC 62386).

DALI provides a mechanism to digitally control each light fitting within the electronics of the light fitting itself. DALI provides many advantages over traditional leading-edge or training-edge dimming techniques, and over 0-10v controls. DALI is particularly useful in overcomming the challenges of dimming modern low-energy LED light fittings, and is fast becoming the system of choice for all commericial and residential projects. No more LED light fittings that flash when you dim them down low!

DALI and KNX make excellent bed-fellows, and Baulogic is an expert in both technologies. The DALI protocol controls light fittings, emergency light fittings, presence detectors and switches. The KNX protocol supports everything else. Our DALI lighting control panels link these two technologies together using powerful KNX-DALI gateways.