Control4 offers the ultimate solution for making the products and services in a home work together. By integrating everything from lighting control, music, home cinema, climate control, security and door communications – even iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets – a Control4 smart home provides added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind for the entire household.

Control4 is built to grow. You might start by simply installing the cabling infrastructure necessary to allow a Control4 system to be installed later without ripping the building apart, or start with a one-room AV solution. For new-build projects, the entire house can be controlled using Control4 with a KNX backbone from the outset.

Baulogic is an authorised Control4 dealer and has the skills and experience necessary to help you specify, design, install and commission a Control4 package for your project, leaving you wondering how you ever lived without home automation before!