Project Overview

This project consisted of the redevelopment of a duplex apartment in a 1960s tower block in central London. The apartment was gutted and the internal spaces re-organised to provide a modern two-bedroom, two-bathroom space.


  • Intelligent scene-based lighting control system
  • Automated lighting in hallways and bathrooms, with reduced-level night mode
  • Surround sound system in living room
  • Multi-room audio
  • Efficient control of wet radiator and electric under-floor heating
  • Full data, TV and telephone structured cabling installation

The client wanted the apartment to be equipped with a smart lighting control system that would emphasise the mixed uses of the limited space, a multi-room audio system and a whole-home video entertainment system. A paramount concern for the client was that the visible parts of the system should look stylish and contemporary, and that the design should eliminate the wall-clutter that pervades most modern apartments.

The Installation

The client chose contemporary gloss white switches with a black frame made by GIRA. This extensive range includes matching switches, power outlets, network points, speaker outlets, aerial sockets, heating controllersand PIRs that can be integrated into a shared frame. By centralising all of the home's electrical accessories into a small number of frames, the wall-acne of most modern apartments has been avoided.

The home's radiators are fitted with electronically controlled valves that are linked to temperature sensors in each room and to the central boiler control unit. Utilising energy efficient control algorithms, the GIRA heating controllers ensure that a constant temperature is maintained without the wide fluctuations that characterise traditional thermostats.