Bringing together our expertise in property development and home automation Baulogic has created the B1 allowing developers, house builders and self-builders to build aspirational features into the heart of every new home.

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    For over 10 years Baulogic has been a leading integrator of bespoke building automation. Specialised in the design, installation, maintenance and support of intelligent building controls and home automation systems for residential and commercial projects across the UK.

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    Neil Robinson and Stephen Chard, founding directors of Baulogic have, for over 20 years, also worked on the development and management of many landmark properties in Cambridge, London and across the UK.

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    Today Baulogic delivers on making high quality home automation accessible outside of the luxury homes market. For developers, house builders and self-builders.

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    The B1 product is designed to integrate with your build schedule. With factory configuration and plug & play features for simple and low-cost installation. Scheduling of ordering and delivery that keeps you in control. Simple and intelligent home building.

The Baulogic B1. A uniquely simple solution.

A single control system for heating, lighting and security.

Pre-configured off-site. Delivered to the scheduled plot.

Installed quickly by standard electrical contractors.

Saving time and money. Raising specifications.

Engaging more buyers. Selling more homes.

Built for you. Built for your buyers. Built by Baulogic.

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