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The Lodge

Project overview
Baulogic was approached to work on the project - an extremely spacious nine bedroom purpose-built family home - while it was still in the early planning stages. We were asked to design an intelligent building control system to complement the building's unique technologies in terms of energy conservation and functionality.

An important feature of this project was a new technology, in the form of 'air source' heat pumps, that the client intended to install to provide the main bulk of water and space heating. We were able to offer energy savings through both simple functionality, such as only using lighting when ambient light levels required it, through to the sophisticated wireless control of the water and underfloor heating systems.


  • Full intelligent lighting control throughout the entire property
  • Multiroom audio to all  'entertainment' areas of the property integrated into the intelligent control system
  • Cat6 Media Centre installation, with Media Server and Extenders throughout the property
  • VDI Delta 8 Installation delivering TV, telephone and data over Cat6 throughout the property
  • Sky HD compatibility throughout the property
  • A full CCTV installation including pan tilt and zoom cameras, and remote access and playback of the camera's from any location in the world (via internet access)
  • Automated gate entrance system for both main entrance and trade entrance

Customer expectation
The customer's key requirement for this installation was seamless integration. They also wanted the installation to be as 'future proof' as possible. Baulogic met the brief through the provision of clear and concise control over the property's electronic systems via multiple touch screens located around the property. These touch screens offer a tactile method of control with animated feedback to demonstrate that the selected actions have been executed.

The system was based on the latest available technology and materials. Cat6 data cable was installed with fiber optic side by side to offer redundancy and a 'future proof' option should a copper based system backbone be superseded.

After completion
After the final commissioning of this project the customer requested several functionality improvements including programming the hallway lighting to come on at a low intensity during 'sleep' hours. Various other programming refinements were made off-site to suit the customers practical use patterns, and this programming was then uploaded remotely without the need to disturb the customer.

The software was utilised to offer security mode protection of the surrounding grounds by automatic presence detection, which  not only activates the  security lighting but also alerts the pan, tilt and zoom cameras to the presence of a potential intruder.

The ability to adjust the operational parameters of the control system to suit the customer's long-term needs is a major benefit of the Baulogic approach.

Baulogic was initially approached to provide an intelligent lighting solution to key areas of a large country family home. The property was in the very early stages of full refurbishment throughout, an ideal time to introduce the additional cabling required for an intelligent solution.

As we worked with the client and architect to design the key areas, the benefits of an intelligent system became apparent to the client and the design was extended to cover the entire property, including its extensive grounds.

Baulogic was approached to design and install an intelligent lighting system to maximise the appeal of a spacious contemporary penthouse apartment. The design brief called for a modern system that would suit the building and complement the client's furnishings.

Following discussions with the client, it was established that Baulogic could offer additional home automation that would complement the client's busy lifestyle, and the designs were revised accordingly.

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